Support Membership

The main purpose of the support membership is to enable benevolent people to help our association economically, in the form of donations. To become a support member for one year, you will need to pay at least 50kr, but there is no limit to how high your donation can be.

The other purpose is for alumni-students to still be a part of a committee or the board, even though they have not paid a membership fee to Akademiska Föreningen. The people who haven’t paid to AF cannot, unfortunately, be a part of a team. The only positions in the association that a support member cannot have are Chairman and active member of the teams.

To make our lives more simple, we have divided the support members into four kinds:

  1. External support member
    Anyone who wants to support the association, for example a parent or partner.
  2. Support member active in a committee
    Someone who for one year is a member of one of the association’s committees.
  3. Alumni member
    A person who has previously been an active member of the association for any amount of years, or as a member of a committee for one year.
  4. Particularly notable alumni member
    A person who has previously been a member of the board, or has been a member of one of the association’s committees for two years, or has had at least two committee roles.

The perks
As a support member, you will be one of the first people to receive information whenever an event is coming up. You will be able to buy tickets for showcases before the public and might even get a reduced price for them, depending on what the association can afford.

If you are an external supporter and have donated at least 750kr, you can receive an invite to proms organised by the association. The same goes for both kinds of alumni support members, with the difference that they only have to pay 500kr to receive an invite.

The realisation
You pay by sending money to our BG account number and mark the payment with Your Name + Support member. You will do this while filling in the form below. After applying, you will receive an e-mail in the coming days with the perks you have.

For more information, check out our Policy for Support Membership (Swedish, English)

Donation gradation (annually) for External support members:

  • 50 kr – Support Member.
  • 750 kr – Alumni Support Member with the right to be invited to proms.
  • 750 kr – External Support Member with the right to be invited to proms.
  • 2000 kr – External Family & Friends Membership. Invite to proms for up to five people.

There is also a fifth type of supporting membership: honorary member. This is a person who, through a motion, has been elected as an honorary member at an association meeting. Such an honorary title lasts a lifetime but is only a title and not an active supporting membership.

Thank you so much for supporting our association! We really appreciate it!

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