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Frequently asked questions

Lund Cheer is a sports team meant for students enrolled at Lund University. We therefore require our members to study at the university and to be a member of AF. However, there is one exception: if you have completed your studies at Lund University it is possible to prolong the AF membership for one extra year. That means that you may join Lund Cheer up to one year after finishing your studies at LU.

One must be a member of Akademiska Förening in order to join the team. This is included in memberships of Studentlund, which costs 240 annually.

We have also decided to add an extra membership fee (250 kr per term for the Cubs team, and 300 kr per term for the Lions team) to be able to continue to finance the training halls, cheer equipment and organize events. This fee may increase or decrease each term depending on what the board finds necessary.

We want students who apply to be aware of that cheerleading is a sport that requires full attendance from everyone in the team. There are exceptions, of course, but generally we expect team members to prioritize the practices by having good study planning and dedication. As soon as people cannot make it to practice, the rest of the team will suffer from it and will not be able to perform the desired stunts anymore.

Our practices are two hours long, 1-2 times a week, depending on which team you are in. Besides that, we expect all members to practice counts and dances at home as well.

Apart from that we have some team gatherings and in some cases extra practices, especially before a competition or showcase. 

If you make the team, you will keep your spot for two terms.

As of September 2023, Lund Cheer will have a second team as well! The two teams are called Lions and Cubs and will both have different training goals and practice times.

Lions: Lions is the competition team of Lund Cheer of about 30 athletes and will practice twice a week. This team will mostly consist of athletes with previous experience in cheerleading, gymnastics and/or dancing.

Cubs: Lund Cheer Cubs will consist of about 20 athletes and will practice once a week. This team is perfect for those with no experience at all, beginners, and those who want to refresh previous cheerleading skills. Hopefully the team will be ready for some performances during the spring of 2024! 

These are the times and locations for the practices of year 23-24:

Cubs: Mondays 19:00-21:30, Klostergårdsskolan

Lions: Sundays 20:00-22:00, Wednesdays 20:00-22:00, ISLK Hallen

Extra mandatory practices are added close to performances and competitions.

Please check out our ”Tryouts” page!

Nope! No previous experience is needed as we will build a team from scratch each year. For instance, everyone in the team will be expected to learn how to stunt (no worries, we have coaches for that!)

Note: we welcome people of all skill levels on the team, however, previous experience is of course meritorious, especially for the Lions team.

Yes, you are very welcome to apply! We will speak English during practices if there are international students in the team. However, you will have a greater chance of joining the team if you are staying in Sweden for a year and not just half a year.

Please mention in the tryout form that you are an international student and how long you are staying in Sweden.

All team members in Lund Cheer receive a free injury insurance (olycksriskförsäkring) through Riksidrottsförbundet. The coaches will always bring a first aid kit to the practices.

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