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Lunds Akademiska Cheerleadingförening (Lund Cheer) was founded by Louise Rehme, Fabian Fond and Frida Lindén during autumn 2019. The purpose of Lund Cheer is to practice cheerleading together with other students at Lund University with much joy and spirit. In this way, we want to build a professional team from scratch and hopefully increase the cohesion at the university. 

Lund Cheer is a non-profit organisation entirely run by students, and is a cooperative association within the Academic Society (AF). Their Project Fund greatly supported the startup of Lund Cheer, providing financial aid for rental costs, promotion, and for buying cheerleading shoes. Since January 2021, Lund Cheer is also a member of the Swedish University Sports Federation (SAIF) and Svenska Riksidrottsförbundet (RF).

The team practices once a week (for two hours) in a team of about 30 people. Every autumn a new team is chosen for that academic year. We aim to perform at different university events and so promote a positive competition and training atmosphere. The future dream would be to, similar to other university teams in the world, compete in smaller national and international university competitions.

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Louise Rehme
Fabian Fond
Julia Martinez
Maija Magnusson
Ebba Rehfeldt

BOARD OF 21-22

HEAD COACH: LOUISE REHME, mechanical engineering student

ACCOUNTING COACH: FABIAN FOND, biotechnology student

COACH: JULIA MARTINEZ, biomedical student



Contact us

Reach us on lundcheerleading@gmail.com for business inquiries or other questions. For more information and FAQ, check out page ’Contact’.

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